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Herakles Knot Ring

Herakles Knot Ring

In Greek mythology, Herakles (also known as Hercules) was a demigod who possessed superhuman strength and courage.  Legend has it that King Gordius of Phrygia promised his daughter's hand in marriage to whoever could unravel this intricate double knot. Many tried and failed, until Herakles came along and simply cut through the knot with his sword – thus proving his immense strength and intelligence.  Since then the knot of Herakles, as it came to be called, symbolizes strength, resilience and unity.  Our master goldsmiths have recreated this knot into a ring of pure 24 karat gold.  Two strands of hammered gold are interwoven to create this sculptural ring.  Its the perfect symbol of union. 

Gold  8.69 gr

Model  RG-872


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