24 Karat Gold



Nearly every piece of Cevherun jewelry is considered investment grade gold, which means it is .995 purity or above.  We’ve developed this exclusive collection of coins for those who really want to store their wealth in a tangible asset that is also a collectors item.  We offer these coins in solid .995 purity at a minimal markup above the spot price of gold.  For large quantity orders please email us Concierge@cevherun.com

Cevherun Img
Cevherun Img

Cevherun statement pieces are next level investment grade. We have a small assortment of museum quality items that are produced painstakingly in their own time that are waiting for the right owner to treasure them. With bracelets weighing in over 100 grams, and necklaces upwards of 300 grams, these pieces are not for the faint of heart. To inquire about these items and to see a fuller assortment, please contact us to start the conversation.