Quality & Care

Quality pledge

Each item in the Cevherun collection is intentionally and carefully made by hand in our own workshop in Istanbul.  We stand behind our work and guarantee our craftsmanship for the life of a piece.  

All of our jewelry is shipped in new condition and passes our strictest quality standards to ensure your jewelry is free from defects in material and manufacture at the time of purchase. 

If you feel an item has a  manufacturing defect, please email us within 3 days of receipt explaining the issue.  We will try our best to resolve the issue and replace it if necessary.  We retain the right to refuse any claim of defect.  We cannot accept any claim in defect that we deem has been intentionally caused.


While your Cevherun jewelry is highly durable, it is important to treat it with proper care to maintain its luster and beauty over time.

Clean your gold jewelry with a soft, lint-free cloth regularly to remove any oils or dirt that may accumulate. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could scratch the gold. When not in use, store your jewelry in a clean, dry place, preferably in individual soft pouches to prevent scratches. Lastly, it is advisable to remove your jewelry during physically demanding tasks to minimize the risk of accidental damage. By following these practices, your fine pure gold jewelry will retain its shine and elegance for generations to come.

Our goldsmiths are highly skilled and know the fine art of working with pure gold. We make sure our designs are constructed in a way to gives them strength, wearability, and durability for generations to come.  However, pure gold has a natural softness to it.  Your pieces may become slightly misshapen over time.  Rings may take on an oval shape if you wear them daily, as may a bangle, but it is perfectly fine to wear them continually.

Cevherun items containing specialty stones, intricate embellishments, or more finely detailed constructions should be treated with extra care and not be worn continually. Because it is pure gold, the jewelry may become scratched if scraped against a rough surface. If it is dropped it may get dented, misshapen or scratched. These are the inherent aspects of pure gold jewelry, and Cevherun is not responsible for damages incurred due to the daily use or mistreatment, intentional or otherwise, of the jewelry.


You will find our 24k hallmark on the majority of our items. Occasionally, we need to use 22k in certain areas for added strength, as in the edge of a wide cuff bracelet, an earring wire, or a clasp, and those elements will have their own respective hallmarks. Likewise, our earring posts are usually made in 18k, while the butterfly backs are usually 14k.

Most of the gram weights that are listed are averages.  Because all items are handmade you may find some slight variation in the actual weight of the specific item you receive.  Particularly with our rings, the smaller sizes will contain less gold and the larger sizes will contain more gold.  These variations also apply to carat weights of diamonds and gemstones.