Working with the brilliance of 24k gold is an art that requires a well-trained hand. As a pure material it has a softness that demands a delicate touch to masterfully shape and form it, and an expert eye for timing and temperature control. Many items have a base of sterling silver, which can be cast and manipulated to form a more sculptural body over which the gold can be carefully applied. Only age-old jewelry making techniques are employed at the Cevherun workbenches and only the finest craftspeople are employed to carry out various steps it takes to assemble a jewel. The caster, the stone setter, the hand polisher and enameller are all expert individuals in their craft called upon only as each unique creation requires. Other materials are also incorporated from time to time, such as hand carved turquoise, jade or bone, and miniature paintings and enamel techniques, all of which employ only the most skilled craftsperson in the trade.