Life is today.

Cevherun 24k gold jewelry embodies the passage of time. It is a collection of special moments, captured and cherished as tokens of the past. It is a memory, a promise or a gift. It is a bridge between where we once were and where we are going. Jewelry represents something of who we are, a messenger that tells our story and offers a glimpse into our histories and personalities. Our lives are not haphazard, nor are the ornaments are choose to adorn ourselves with. Life is to be lived one day at a time and Cevherun 24k gold jewelry imbibes this spirit into each unique creationu for choosing our company.


Known as the golden sons of Istanbul, Cevat Genc and Ugur Tas are two of the most creative minds to emerge from the myriad age-old goldsmithing ateliers of the Grand Bazaar. Cevat trained as a jeweler and learned the ins and outs of managing production and sales in a ten year period at the highly respected Hilat Jewelers. Ugur Tas was exposed at a young age to workshops that employed the finest craftsmen, and a love for the alchemy of goldsmithing took hold. He started his own atelier in his early twenties and began creating masterworks of original ideas for some of the most prestigious jewelery shops and well to do clients in town.
In 2010, the pair joined forces and launched their vision as Cevherun 24k. With Ugur as the master jeweler and Cevat in charge of production and sales the two quickly made a name for themselves as a contemporary brand inspired by the past with an arsenal of uniquely sculpted jewels. Expanding to markets in Dubai and New York, they quickly saw the demand and appreciation for well designed and superbly crafted 24k gold jewelry on the world stage. A chance encounter in 2012 with New York based jewelry designer Nazly Botas, lead to a bi-continental collaboration to design, promote, and market the brand to an audience with a hunger for originality and meaning in the jewels they were after


The fabric of Istanbul is inextricably woven with the marks of time that a local craftsperson from a young age cannot help but be inspired by. Working in 24k pure gold, silver and gemstones, their inspiration comes from the wealth of history in the Mediterranean region, from the allegorical interpretation of local mythologies to the local symbolism of flora and fauna. Ancient Greek and Roman coins stamped with the profiles of Apollo, Medusa, Athena, Alexander the Great, and Dionesius among others are formed into literal tokens of past as pendants and earrings. The numerous entrance gates fround throughout the Grand Bazaar inspired a collection of intricately sculpted pendants, complete with hinged doors opening up to reveal miniature painted scenes. Hellenistic and Etruscan techniques of jewelry working find their way into an earring clasp or locket, while the myriad decorative forms of the Ottoman era offer a bounty of geometric motifs.